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Keynote Speaker

Guy Raz

Creator and host of NPR’s “How I Built This” and co-creator of “TED Radio Hour”
Guy Raz is an independent producer and two-time, best-selling author who has been described by the New York Times as "one of the most popular podcasters in history." He's the founder and CEO of Built-It Productions and the creator and creative force behind “How I Built This.” He's also the creator and host of “Wisdom from the Top,” a podcast about leadership, and the former host and co-creator of “TED Radio Hour.” In 2017, Raz became the first person in the history of podcasting to have three shows in the top 20 on the Apple Podcast charts. Together, Guy's programs are heard by nearly 19 million listeners every month. Previously, Raz was weekend host of NPR News' signature afternoon newsmagazine “All Things Considered.” During his tenure (2009-2012), he transformed the sound and format of the program, introducing the now-signature "cover story" and creating the popular "Three-Minute Fiction" writing contest. As a host and correspondent, Raz has interviewed and profiled more than 10,000 people including Bill Gates, Condoleezza Rice, Jimmy Carter, Shimon Peres, General David Petraeus, Al Gore, Mark Zuckerberg, Bill Gates, Eminem, Taylor Swift and many, many others.