MARCH 18-20, 2025
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Winning With Generative AI: Crafting a Future-Ready Strategy
Explore the transformative world of generative AI with New York Times best-selling author Charlene Li. Learn how to integrate this emerging technology with your organization's core mission, enhancing competitive advantage, and driving long-term growth. Featuring insights into prioritizing initiatives, understanding workforce implications, and mitigating risks, this keynote shares foundational knowledge to develop a robust strategy that aligns with your objectives and prepares your organization for the future.
Charlene Li, Founder + CEO, Quantum Networks Group
Riding a Wave of Diversity: Lessons and Insights from Surfing’s Growth
Join Vipe Desai, executive director of the Surf Industry Members Association, as he explores what the bike industry can learn from the surfing community. Discover the value of creating welcoming spaces, embracing diversity, the power of inclusivity initiatives, and the importance of representation in marketing to grow participation. Learn how your business can make a difference as Desai discusses the role of community engagement, nonprofits, and minority-owned businesses in shaping the surfing scene and how these lessons can be applied to our industry.
Vipe Desai, Executive Director, Surf Industry Members Association
The Urgent Need for Engagement on Capitol Hill
Despite ongoing political battles in Congress, historic levels of partisanship, and uncertainties around the 2024 election, there is a collection of looming federal policy issues that will have real, bottom-line repercussions for our industry. Learn from former senior staffer on Capitol Hill, long-time lobbyist, and PeopleForBikes consultant Charles Cooper as he walks through the current landscape that demands bike industry engagement and how your business can easily elevate its influence to create change and help the bike industry achieve a higher level of effectiveness and clout similar to our peers in other industries.
Charles Cooper, Managing Partner and Founder, Brumidi Group
Cycling Renaissance: Europe's Path to Adding 50 Million Riders and Industry Metamorphosis
Join Kevin Mayne, CEO of Cycling Industries Europe, as he dives into the dynamic landscape of European cycling and the imminent industry transformation set to redefine the global market. Explore the ambitious initiative to get 50 million more Europeans riding bikes while unpacking the role of sustainability, transparency, and digitalization in reshaping the industry. Discover how embracing these evolutions will not only drive innovation and efficiency but also position Europe as a trailblazer in the future of bicycling worldwide.
Kevin Mayne, CEO, Cycling Industries Europe
What Not to Learn From Silicon Valley
CEOs and their teams travel to Silicon Valley every year to discover the secrets of its success. Countless books tell the stories of tech entrepreneurs who defied the odds to change the world and become unfathomably rich. However, lately, that novelty is wearing thin. Those captivating newcomers matured into a mixed bag of companies competing for domination and the inspiring lessons about how to innovate toward greatness are tarnished by the new reality. Randy Komisar has been a denizen of Silicon Valley and the innovation economy for decades and brings a critical, insider perspective to the world of entrepreneurship. In an interactive keynote, he will share some of the key lessons of Silicon Valley, both good and bad, that can help your company navigate the current business landscape. Bring your questions and be ready to speak your mind.
Randy Komisar, Author, Executive, and Investor in Innovation, Kleiner Perkins

Trailblazing the Way Back Home: Opportunities in Onshoring

Discover the power of perseverance and seizing opportunity with Nicole Johnson who transitioned from the corporate world to the startup scene as the co-founder of Boyd Cycling. Johnson’s strategic leadership decisions to shift operations onshore and invest in manufacturing equipment during the pandemic not only sustained Boyd’s growth but also positioned the company ahead during turbulent headwinds.
Nicole Johnson, Co-Founder, Boyd Cycling

Accepting Adversity and Moving Forward

In this lesson on resilience, Anne Hed, a Forbes Small Giant and CEO of HED Cycling Products, shares her personal journey of overcoming adversity, the story of how HED came to be, and what your company can learn from the company’s 40 years of growth within and beyond the bike industry.
Anne Hed, CEO, Hed Cycling Products

From DEI to Belonging: The Importance of Inclusive Workplaces

In today’s heated political climate and uncertain economic landscape, it can be easy to write off diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) initiatives. But especially when times feel lean, it is crucial to double down on ensuring your employees feel accepted, valued, and included in the workplace. Join industry DEI professionals for a conversation highlighting why belonging is essential to retaining staff and growing organizational resiliency alongside best-in-class examples of bike businesses excelling in this space.
Aparna Rajagopal-Durbin, Founder, Avarna Group
Angela Williams, Head of Talent + Inclusion, SRAM
Zipporah Allen, Chief Business Officer, Strava

Growing Ridership Through Global Media Coverage

Hear from Guy Voisin, senior director of cycling at Warner Bros. Discovery, on the influential role of a premier global media and entertainment giant in advancing cycling. At the intersection of streaming, cycling, and the U.S. market, Voisin demonstrates how expanded broadcast coverage is helping the sport attract more American audiences and how the industry can leverage emerging media opportunities to fuel the rapid growth of cycling enthusiasts and riders.
Guy Voisin, Senior Director of Cycling, Warner Bros. Discovery

Lessons From (Re)building Product Brands

From humble beginnings to leading global companies, Phil Molyneux, CEO of Rad Power Bikes, shares invaluable insights from his journey of building a career and businesses, including navigating fragile environments, making tough decisions, and identifying pivotal moments to transform brands into industry mainstays through creativity, innovation, and resilience.
Phil Molyneux, CEO, Rad Power Bikes

Live. Work. Play: Lessons from the Largest Open Streets Event in the U.S.

Inspired by the weekly ciclovía in Bogotá, Colombia, an open streets event that began in 1974, CicLAvia temporarily closes Los Angeles streets to cars and opens them for residents and visitors to enjoy the biggest urban bike ride your brand has never heard of. Free for all, the events attract more than 250,000 people every year and connect communities across Los Angeles County. Learn from visionary Romel Pascual, executive director of CicLAvia, as he shares the transformative power of open streets to reshape our relationship with urban environments and get more people on bikes.
Romel Pascual, Executive Director, CicLAvia
Jose Maldonado, Chief Marketing Officer, PeopleForBikes

Navigating Legislative Solutions to E-Bike Issues

As 2024 state legislative sessions kick into high gear, legislators are tackling challenging issues including multi-mode electric bicycles, out-of-class products, and rider safety concerns. Utah State Representative Jeffrey D. Stenquist shares his insights on a new state bill (H.B. 85) addressing the gray area between electric bicycles and electric mopeds and scooters. PeopleForBikes Policy Council Matt Moore joins Representative Stenquist to unpack why Utah took steps to regulate these products and how this legislation can change recreation and ridership for the better.
Jeffrey D. Stenquist, Utah State Representative
Matt Moore, Policy Council, PeopleForBikes

PeopleForBikes’ Trade Priorities to Protect Your Business

Join Jodi Gracey, director of global trade compliance for Trek, for a detailed walkthrough of PeopleForBikes’ 2024 industry trade agenda, highlighting how our strategies could affect suppliers, retailers, and consumers. With a goal of creating a more favorable environment for bike businesses nationwide, PeopleForBikes fights against harmful tariffs and taxes that place a financial burden on the industry.
Jodi Gracey, Director of Global Trade Compliance, Trek Bicycle

Revelyst Lunch and Learn: Innovation and Sustainability

Join an engaging discussion on sustainability in the outdoor industry featuring experts representing brand, supplier, and retailer perspectives. Gain insights into what it means to be sustainably responsible, the steps different companies are currently taking, and what a sustainability journey could look like for your business in today's challenging landscape.
Marissa Strano, Materials Innovations and Sustainability Manager, Revelyst
Michael Cattanach, Product Line Manager, Polartec
Alicia Applegate, General Manager - Action Sports Merchandising & Cycle Activity Strategy, REI

Show Me the Money: The Future of Outside Investment in Bicycling

Hear from three of the most influential bankers and investors in the cycling and outdoor space as they discuss the drastic and dramatic changes seen in the sector during the last few years. Learn from these market experts as they share their outlooks on what is ahead for the bike industry and help your company understand the current landscape and better position for changing times.
John Bastian, Director of Investment Banking, Baird
Nathan Pund, Managing Director, Houlihan Lokey
Michael Smith, Managing Director of Investment Banking, D.A. Davidson + Co.

The Best New Car is an E-Bike: How Leasing Can Change the Bike Industry

Twenty five years ago, the car industry showed us how successful the leasing business can be. How can the bike industry capitalize on leasing in the current market? Hear from Tomi Viiala, co-CEO of Stromer, one of the first brands to work directly with leasing companies to help them enter the cycling market. In 2023, more than 65% of the Stromer business in Belgium was done through leasing, with a similar trend seen in other countries including Germany, the Netherlands, and Switzerland. Viiala will share lessons learned from Stromer’s success in Europe, its recent leasing program launched in the Bay Area, and the massive opportunity to grow the U.S. bike leasing market.
Tomi Viiala, Co-CEO, Stromer

The China and Taiwan Risk: Understanding the Implications for Your American Business

Amid ongoing difficulties surrounding bike industry supply chains in China and Taiwan, hear from Erin Murphy, senior fellow with the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Asia Program, as she discusses the most urgent issues, including security threats (both real and imagined), shifts in manufacturing, rhetoric from Washington, D.C, and other policy and business considerations that will significantly impact our industry.
Erin Murphy, Senior Fellow, Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) Asia Program

The Influence of Demographics and AI on the Future of Work

Join Lisa Picard, co-founder and managing partner of Oxygen Investment Management, to learn about the profound changes shaping the future of work and everyday life. As the former CEO of Blackstone’s investment platform, EQ Office, Picard has extensive experience in commercial real estate, workplace dynamics, and technology. Hear her unique perspective on the demographic shifts happening across markets and work itself, alongside the implications of artificial intelligence and how this evolving technology is transforming and challenging industries. Gain fresh ideas and practical takeaways for navigating these changes and position your organization for success in a constantly changing and technology-driven world.
Lisa Picard, Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Oxygen Investment Management

The Long Game: Pragmatism, Resilience, and Optimism Present a Bright Future for Bicycling

Chris Speyer, chief merchandising officer and senior vice president of REI, explores the evolution of the outdoor and bicycle industries’ trajectory in recent years, pinpointing pivotal moments of shifts in consumer behavior and the associated surges and contractions in demand. With America adding a significant number of new riders in the last four years and the crucial opportunity to grow and innovate with e-bikes, learn how smart and targeted investment decisions can create long-term viability for your business and bicycling as a whole.
Chris Speyer, Chief Merchandising Officer + Senior Vice President, REI; Chair, PeopleForBikes Coalition Board of Directors

The One Question That Matters in Leading Your Business

In today's era, being an effective leader means more than simply achieving financial success. Current and prospective employees are looking for supportive workplace environments that prioritize transparency, mental health, and professional satisfaction. Learn the one question that matters and how answering it can transform your approach to managing your business.
Brendan Quirk, CEO, USA Cycling

Together, We Can Outride Anything

Outride provides research, programs, and funding to empower the next generation of riders to experience the social, emotional, and cognitive benefits of bicycling. Partnering with more than 350 schools and 212 youth-focused cycling programs across the U.S. and Canada to get more kids riding, Outride’s work serves more than 50,000 youth every year. Learn more about Outride's mission and how your company can help increase accessibility, interest, and participation in youth cycling during this engaging conversation.
David Wood, Executive Director, Outride
Esther Walker, Research Director, Outride
Chazz Robinson, Grants and Programs Director, Outride

Using Data to Understand Current Market Trends and Future Expectations

In today’s uncertain market, it is more important than ever to synthesize insights from multiple sets of data to understand what is happening now and what opportunities lie ahead. Join industry data experts for an overview and analysis of topics including total market sales, e-commerce metrics, and used bike marketplaces. Plus, learn how to make informed business decisions with data tools available exclusively to PeopleForBikes members.
Dr. Jennifer Boldry, Senior Group Director, NAXION
Matthew Tucker, Director of Client Development, Circana
Ryan Atkinson, President + Co-Owner, Workstand
Peter Woolery, Managing Member, Bicycle Market Research